12 Things You Learn Rewatching Skyfall

One of Bond's finest.

Daniel Craig James Bond Skyfall

The penultimate entry into our weekly Bond rewatch series is, of course, 2012's Skyfall, the first of two consecutive Bond flicks helmed by the brilliant Sam Mendes. With $1.109 billion in box office receipts, it's also the highest-grossing entry in the franchise by quite a margin.

Following up the divisive Quantum of Solace, Skyfall was just the persuasive entry the series desperately needed, returning to something approaching the quality of Craig's debut Casino Royale, while re-introducing a number of classic Bond flourishes absent from that film.

Six years on the film's flaws are certainly more apparent, but Skyfall for the most part remains one of the most artful, psychologically complex and unexpectedly affecting entries in the entire Bond canon.

It was a perfect storm of talented artists coming together to reinvent Bond once again, while still paying neat homage to the spy's half-century of history.

While it left some hardcore fans craving something a little sillier and more ironic, Skyfall's successes on a technical and character level can't easily be denied...


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