12 Things You Learn Rewatching Skyfall

12. Great Title Song, Mediocre Title Sequence

Skyfall Titles

Though Skyfall kicks off with a spectacular pre-title sequence and leads into Adele's magnetic, Oscar-winning signature tune - surely one of the series' best ever - sadly the title sequence itself is a disappointing mix of goofy and forgettable.

Sexy ladies and cheesy, overdone CGI visuals rule the day here, in what basically feels like a jumbled homage to every other title sequence in the series.

It doesn't help that the visual effects themselves are fairly blurry and it hammers home the movie's settings and themes with desperately little creativity: flying Chinese dragons and shooting targets with Bond's face plastered on them.

The sheer majesty of Adele's booming vocals helps carry it through, but without her it'd be a weirdly generic bore in a movie that's otherwise anything but.


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