12 Things You Learn Rewatching Tomorrow Never Dies

Better than you remember.

Tomorrow Never Dies

1997's Tomorrow Never Dies is the eighteenth entry into the James Bond series and Pierce Brosnan's second effort as 007, following on from the franchise-rejuvenating success of Goldeneye.

Though it certainly heralded the fast decline of Brosnan's tenure as Bond, which was cemented with the two incredibly lacklustre efforts that followed, Tomorrow Never Dies is certainly not a bad Bond movie in its own right.

In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how much good is packed into the film, which keeps its runtime lean at 119 minutes and benefits from surprisingly well-aged action and effects.

Brosnan certainly deserved better and doesn't quite carry off the role with the same grit or enthusiasm he did the first time, but thanks to a talented ensemble cast and one spectacular center-piece action sequence, he still delivers a rock solid Bond vehicle.

No doubt, the movie will be looking even better once we've moved onto The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day over the next two weeks...


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