12 Trippy Freak Out Film Scenes That Will Melt Your Mind


Drugs are bad. Everybody knows that. They ruin lives, strike at the very heart of society and, worst of all, give rise to that most tedious of movie genres, the stoner comedy. But c'mon, who doesn't love a good, old fashioned freak out? Not only does it often provide a film's funniest, finest or most frightening moment, but, rather like a dream sequence, a freak out gives the director the perfect excuse to throw in all kinds of crazy stuff that would otherwise look out of place. It also guarantees repeat viewing from, shall we say, an appreciative cult audience. Listed below, for your sweet delectation, are twelve of the most surreal drug scenes ever captured on screen. And remember, they're getting tweaked off their gourd so that you don't have to.

12. Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny

jbsasquatch Having gobbled a handful of wild 'shrooms, aspiring rock star JB (Jack Black) suddenly finds a forest populated with giant fluorescent toadstools and teeny twinkling fairies. Oh, and Sasquatch, seemingly caught off-guard on his late evening stroll. JB can hardly contain his excitement, hugging the big hairy lunk and asking if he can be a Sasquatch, too. ''You already are,'' comes the reply. ''You're my son, JB. My widdle baby Sass''. Sure enough, JB is now covered in fur. And things only get weirder from there. For JB has not stumbled upon the rarely-spotted Sasquatch. Instead, he's hugging a tree. He hasn't slipped downstream the strawberry river; he's been inexplicably dropped into the middle of the ocean, tossed from wave to wave. And he isn't flying upon Bigfoot's back; he's actually clinging on to a tree branch. Naturally, it isn't long before he comes crashing back to reality, his face the very picture of disappointment. Also, you know that fella in the Sasquatch suit? That's John C. Reilly, that is.

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