12 Unintentionally Hilarious Comic Book Movie Moments

"I am now the dead."

Comic book movies. For the last fifteen or so years of my life, you have scratched an itch that I thought I would never reach. It€™s 2015 and everyone knows who the Avengers are, Batman and Superman are finally coming to blows and an movie adaptation of 100 Bullets is actually in the works. Yes, it€™s good to be an adult who is still fixated on the characters he loved back when he was picking his nose and eating the findings. One of the best thing about comic book movies now being the undisputed champion of all the film genres is seeing which route the creators are going to take when deciding on the tone of their film. You could go down the DC path of grim and gritty, like a depressed curried egg sandwich at the beach, or embrace the absurdity like Marvel does, sometimes a little bit too much. However, no matter the path that the film takes or how good it actually is, there is always guaranteed to be a moment that is unintentionally hilarious because, at the end of the day, what you are watching is generally ridiculous at its core.

12. I Am Now The Dead

The death of a major villain in a superhero film is supposed to be one of the standout scenes, though in The Dark Knight Rises we instead get two of the most anticlimactic villain deaths in superhero movie history; Bane being dispatched by an off-screen Catwoman and Talia€™s hilarious final moments. The latter of which, thanks to DBZ Abridged, can be described as, "I am now the dead. Bleh." Batman has returned to Gotham after his rehabilitation in The Pit and has managed to stop Bane and his army with the assistance of Catwoman and cybernetic GCPD officers who get shot yet do not bleed. After revealing to Bruce that she is the daughter of Ra€™s and wants to finish what he started with Gotham, Talia tries to escape with the bomb and buy herself enough time to go out in a blaze of glory and take the rest of the city with her. This plan is immediately rendered moot when she horrifically crashes the truck but still finds the time to gloat that there€™s no turning off the bomb. Surprisingly, the funniest part about this scene isn€™t the death of Talia, in which Marion Cotillard channels a child who is pretending to sleep when their mum opens their door at 2am because they could swear that they heard voices. No, the kudos has to go to Batman€™s facial expression. I don€™t know why Christian Bale needed to have his mouth open every time he put the suit on because it makes Batman look like he always has a blocked nose. His tilted head and gaze that says, "I just got here and I don€™t really know what she€™s talking about but I€™m going to listen and pretend like I do because I€™m Batman" is too much.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PWJD_uCkK8

When I was a kid, I used to think the moon followed our car everywhere.