12 Upcoming Movie Sequels You Definitely Didn't Need

Which 12 sequels will come crashing into box offices and into our nightmares?

Triplets movie
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Sequels, where would cinema be without them? We have the greats - Aliens, The Godfather Part II, Terminator: Judgement Day. Then there are the not so great - Speed 2, 2 Fast 2 Furious...Son of the Mask. However good or bad, sequels means big bucks in Hollywood.

Sometimes a good sequel can take years, be on and off the table more than Johnny Depp's career, and lurk in development hell. Some triumphantly rise from the ashes, like the continuing Star Wars saga, while others tread that fine line between good idea and curiosity - like the ever rumoured Beetlejuice 2.

However, in an era of rebooted reboots and remade remakes, where we have three Spider-Men, the same amount of bats, and no one to replace Daniel Craig, does every franchise need a sequel?

Here are 12 upcoming movie sequels that you definitely don't need - save yourself the money and read some fan-fiction instead.

12. The Strangers 2

Triplets movie
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Release: Unknown

Premise: Masked bad guys come trailer park trick or treating.

Preceded by: The Strangers

As one of the unexpected horror gems of the 2000s, Bryan Bertino's The Strangers took human menace and stuck a creepy mask over its face. The story seemingly wrapped after two hours of heart-pounding home invasion fun, but the public demanded more. We heard whispers that The Strangers II was coming immediately after the box office started rolling in from the original. Since 2008 we have been waiting for that knock at the door again, and again, and again. There have been studio changes, rewrites, and "creative differences".

The sequel was announced as "in production" during 2011 and hype reached fever pitch with news that Bertino would once again pen a script. In a meta look at the economic climate, the film would follow a family evicted into a trailer park and visited by the masked goons - Liv Tyler was also set to reprise her role.

Everything went quiet, but in 2015 the film was announced as back on track by new production company Relativity Media. It even had a December 2, 2016 release date, meaning we should be watching The Strangers II right now. The sequel mysteriously vanished off the schedule (for now), but it has been so long, pretty much everyone has lost interest.


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