12 Upcoming Movie Sequels You Definitely Didn't Need

11. Machete Kills Again... In Space

Triplets movie
20th Century Studios

Release: Unknown

Premise: The grizzly Mexican takes to space to swing his blade at some intergalactic terror.

Preceded by: Machete Kills

The trailers that came before Rodriguez/Tarantino's Grindhouse were a good chuckle, but to be honest, most people are still waiting for Werewolf Women of the S.S. to be made. No one needs another Machete film, let alone one that steals from Star Wars, Alien, and all our other favourites. We have already seen what a Machete sequel can (and can't) do thanks to Machete Kills, the all-guns-blazing sequel to 2012's Machete. It went big on the cast, with newcomers like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen (using birth name Carlos Estévez), and even Lady GaGa, but proved that bigger isn't always better.

Machete Kills failed to recoup its modest $20 million budget, so why make another? Earlier this year Danny Trejo offered an update on Machete Kills Again...In Space, saying that they were waiting for Robert Rodriguez's writing skills, but confirmed that a third entry would probably be set off-planet. It probably will come to be: even John McClane isn't as indestructible as this!


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