12 Upcoming Movies That Will Change Your Mind About Actors You Hate

Can Johnny Depp survive Grindelwald with an even more evil villain?

Johnny Depp Grindelwald
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It would be easy to think of the Hollywood machine as a ladder. Stars rise, after all. But it's better to consider it as a wheel, perpetually lifting and dropping those who stick on it, no matter what they've achieved. And if you stay on long enough, it's pretty much impossible to avoid the dips that balance the exhilarating highs.

Some, like Nicolas Cage, surf the wheel at a rate of knots, dipping and rising over the course of a single year, while others take a more leisurely ride, rising to the top slowly before fading gracefully. But just as surely as mortality, even those actors whose form has suffered the most can find a way to rise again. And luckily for the likes of Johnny Depp, Adam Sandler and Megan Fox, they're getting opportunities very soon...

Honourable Mention

Whatever Diablo Cody Is Making For HBO - David Spade

Father Of The Year David Spade

Generally speaking, David Spade has done very little that has elicited any sort of critical acclaim (other than The Emperor's New Groove and a couple of documentaries), but he's apparently watchable enough that he continues to get work. Particularly when Adam Sandler has any sort of say in the casting.

Despite a poor 2018, Spade does have the interesting opportunity of Diablo Cody's currently untitled HBO project in which he'll play Calvin Wash, a semi-famous grunge musician and former heroin addict who now works as a waiter and is clean. It doesn't sound like the usual paint-by-numbers, lowest-common-denominator comedy Spade usually attaches himself too, so maybe there's a chance of a career turn-around here?

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