12 Worst Casting Decisions In Spider-Man Movies

Paul Giamatti as Rhino. Seriously?

Paul Giamatti Rhino

Tom Holland has proven a good fit for the blue and red spandex, but the Spider-Man movie series has a mixed track record when it comes to casting decisions.

Sure, Micheal Keaton made the Vulture role his own and you won't find a more authentic J. Jonah Jameson than the great J.K. Simmons but bizarre recruitment is a problem which has blighted the series since day one.

From pantomime-esque villains to ineffective supporting characters and even miscast versions of the web-slinger himself, it just simply wouldn't be a Spider-Man film without a few questionable hires, to put it kindly.

Determined to see its favourite son done right, Marvel Studios introduced Spidey into its own cinematic universe last year, but his first solo outing in Homecoming remained an offender on this front, albeit to a far lesser extent.

12. Paul Giamatti As Rhino (Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Paul Giamatti Rhino
Sony Pictures

Oh, Amazing Spider-Man 2, what did you do to poor Paul Giamatti?

Forcing the star of such films as Cinderella Man, Sideways and American Splendor into a cheesy tracksuit and giving him bad tattoos and a robotic suit straight out of a Transformers salvage yard was never going to work, was it?

Giamatti has proven he's a talented actor a hundred times over, but he was so fundamentally wrong for the role of Aleksei Sytsevich (aka Rhino).

Maybe it's the terrible Russian accent, but his take on the long-time Spidey foe just comes across like a cartoon villain, and not even a good one at that.


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