13 1990s Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

The worst-ever decade for horror wasn't ALL bad...

Daiei Film

Let's not beat around the bush: the 1990s were the worst decade for horror to date.

A colossal number of terrible horror movies released during this time. Most of these were either hilariously bad movies like Troll 2 or the seemingly endless torrent of godawful sequels in all the horror franchises, such as Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Child's Play, Hellraiser and even Leprechaun.

So, shouldn't people just skip 90s horror altogether? Well actually, not quite. Yes, most of what came out was garbage but there were actually a few really great horror films too. In fact, one of them became the only horror film to date that won Best Picture.

If you want to watch any 90s horror movies, check out these following thirteen movies. Unlike the majority of such films from this decade, these are very strong and interesting efforts that certainly won't be a waste of your time at all...


13. Cube


This Canadian death game thriller is one hell of a ride. Yes, the dialogue isn't great and most of the acting is terrible, but Cube is a deeply interesting movie overall and you'll forget those flaws very quickly.

It's a real puzzle-box of a movie where you'll be constantly trying to work out how the characters can escape from the cube and, despite it being a B-Movie in many ways, it's actually really clever and all of the twists work.

Additionally, the traps are suspenseful, the death scenes are excellent and it's very smartly-paced too, making this a real nail-biter. It could've just been another forgettable low-budget high-concept B-Movie but instead it's deservedly become a horror cult classic and it's one of the best death game movies of all time.

An irredeemably bad sequel and an OK direct-to-DVD prequel followed later on.


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