13 Announced Movies You Won't Believe Are Real

The world needs a Monopoly movie... apparently.

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Given that the film industry is reliant on churning out as many blockbuster sequels, remakes, reboots and "re-imaginings" as possible, movies that deviate much from that norm tend to raise an eyebrow or two.

And then there are movies so bizarrely-premised, so hilariously wrong-headed, and perhaps even so depressingly cynical that you can scarcely believe they're actually going to happen.

From ridiculous adaptations of things which should never be adapted into movie form (we'll let you guess which), to outrageous true stories finally brought to the big screen, nutty actor-director pairings and everything in-between, these are sure to rank among the most demented, baffling movies released over the next few years.

13. Big Shark

Best Friends Tommy Wiseau Greg Sestero

The Pitch: Tommy Wiseau's "long-awaited" directorial follow-up to The Room, starring Wiseau and regular collaborator Greg Sestero as two men facing off against, you guessed it, a giant shark.

Will It Be Any Good?: Obviously not, but isn't that kinda the point? Wiseau recently dropped an incredibly rough teaser trailer, which doesn't really suggest the film will be anything more than Wiseau and Sestero cashing-in on their dubious fame (or rather, infamy).

It looks pretty indistinguishable from a shark movie from SyFy or The Asylum, and without the crushing lack of self-awareness that made The Room so charming, it's probably going to be trying way too hard to be a Bad Movie (just like the later Sharknado films).

It'll gets butts in seats on curiosity factor alone, but of all the movies Wiseau could've made, who would've ever expected him to settle on...this?

Wiseau is aiming for a September release, but wait and see.

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