13 Awkward Moments That Must Have Happened After The End Of Famous Movies

13. Colter Has To Tell The Truth - Source Code

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The Actual Ending: The ending of Source Code is so unexpected it might as well be lifted from a different movie. For ninety minutes we think we€™re watching a time travel/dream mash up, only for the last moment to pull the rug and show us it€™'s all parallel universes. Some were disappointed the film didn't end on that glorious freeze frame, but it€™'s nice to see hero Colter not have the make the choice between death and the girl (which are oddly both good outcomes).

The Awkward Moment: There€™'s some pretty horrific implications from Source Code; for every universe where a crisis is averted, there€™'s countless one€™s where it wasn't (each splinter created a world where even more would be made). But the most commonly jumped on issue is that while Colter survived, Sean Fentress, the guy whose body he quantum leaped into, has been erased.

Obviously that€™'s bad for old Sean, but the person who you should also feel bad for is Christina. She think€™s she€™'s starting a relationship with someone completely different. I find it really hard to believe that Colter would simply leave her in the dark, meaning there must be a moment where he confesses it all. How this goes would probably define the meaning of the world awkward, even if it was the moment they got off the train.

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