13 Best Easter Eggs From The Star Wars Prequels

Did you spot George Lucas' cameo?


We've been keen to highlight some of the underrepresented benefits of the Star Wars Prequels before and today we're going to turn our eyes to the plethora of easter eggs George Lucas and the rest of his team snuck into the unfairly maligned films.

Coming out when the internet was still in its infancy, there was much unverified discussion about what easter eggs were actually hidden in the films. Some claimed the Darth Vader suit was on in Watto's junkyard, others clung to the idea that Homer Simpson appeared in the cockpit of a Republic Gunship, while claims of this or that version of the Enterprise being in the background still won't go away.

Now with digital home video allowing for quick verification and HD screengrabs, this sort of confusion is long gone gone and now we can enjoy thirteen, totally confirmed, prequel easter eggs.

13. Luke€™'s Landspeeder In Mos Espa


Although it boasts no firepower and is little more than a regular car without the wheels, Luke's landspeeder has become one of the most iconic vehicles from the Star Wars universe. Of course, not as useful as an X-Wing and sold to provide him and Obi-Wan with enough money to employ Han Solo to take them to Alderaan, the speeder looked like it was gone from the saga.

Not so; it popped up in the background of The Phantom Menace, as Qui-Gon and co. are entering Mos Espa. Although it's sporting a green paint-job, it is in fact the same X-34 that belonged to Luke, both in-universe and out; it's the prop from A New Hope.


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