13 Best Horror Movie Masks

Let's take a trip to uncanny valley...

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Horror movie villains are made or broken by their appearance. From horrifying monsters to all-too-human bad guys, there's plenty of choices when it comes to designing our nightmares: but not all are made equal.

For the average joe, it's pretty hard to look scary and intimidating when all you've got is your own pink skin and a bad attitude. And that's where the masks come in. We're inherently scared of that which is slightly uncanny or unknowable, and a mask creates exactly that effect.

Whilst no-one will be scared of your normal stupid human face, getting crafty with a mannequin head or making it rain at the costume shop will suddenly bring about a whole new layer of spooky to your look.


That, or if you're on a budget, just cut someone else's off and slap it over your own and you're onto a winner. Pays to keep it simple.

13. HONOURABLE MENTION: Frank - Donnie Darko

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Arguably a film with horrific elements rather than a straight horror, it all boils down to your perception of Frank's mask.

The cult classic that is Donnie Darko has been around to confuse and inspire watchers for over 15 years, combining science fiction with a filmy nostalgia that's resulted in something entirely separate from other movie efforts both before and after release.

Whilst most of it plays out as an intelligent, angsty drama, there's a disturbing presence in the form of Frank: a man dressed in a rabbit costume that resembles no rabbit you will have ever seen before. Unless maybe you were on acid in the woods watching a Bugs Bunny halloween special, and even then, you'd probably have a nicer time than with this monstrosity.


There to deliver premonitions to Donnie, Frank wears a silver mask that's somewhere between rabbit and skull, a strange melding of the two that looks like it was left for too long next to the radiator before ending up on his head. The spiritual, unnerving tone of Frank's appearance only makes his presence that much more terrifying - and his unique mask hammers the nail home with each spine-tingling drop in.

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