13 Best Horror Movies On Shudder Right Now

The world is a scary place right now. So stay indoors, get Shudder, and relax with some horror.

housebound 2014
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Shudder is the Netflix of all things horror. You'll find TV series, documentaries, and movies that are all exist in the dark realms of the supernatural, the depraved, the blood-splattered, and the downright spooky.

This list looks at 13 of the best horror movies available to stream as of this day of writing (March 27th 2020, for the record).

There's loads more movies available on there. Classics such as Heathers or Donnie Darko didn't make the cut since they don't quite tick the horror box for me.

And then there's the murky depths of sleaze that Shudder has benevolently bestowed upon us, of which there is too much to include on one list (especially when this list is focusing on the ones that are actually 'good').

But, fear not, there are some real great films on Shudder for you to sink your teeth into.

13. Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)

housebound 2014

Let’s kick this list off with a film that is not good whatsoever. But it’s exactly the type of film that Shudder exists for. Utter. Sleazy. Schlock.

After a banging title credits track, we are introduced to three horny college nerds planning to spy on the sexy sorority sadomasochism party that evening. C’mon. Don’t pretend you wanna watch Citizen Kane over this…

They’re then sent, along with two attractive co-eds, to the Bowl-O-Rama on a break-and-enter mission with unfortunate consequences.

Warning - it’s not tasteful stuff. Especially in 2020. But just keep watching until they get to the genie in the bowling trophy...

Uncle Impy you naughty devil!

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