13 Best Motorbike Chases In Film

Ds564g 1024x518 Motorbike chases are awesome. They are the quintessential action piece. They represent speed, power, and individuality. When we see a motorcycle, we see the rider as a cool, lone hero or heroine. We have to think only of certain pop culture icons and their motorcycles to get the picture €“ we can all remember the image of The Bride and her yellow Kawasaki in Kill Bill, Keira Knightley atop the sleek Ducati in the Chanel advert and Jack Nicholson riding his chopper in Easy Rider. These examples are memorable yet don€™t even feature a chase. The motorcycle alone is a symbolic machine we can all admire. So if we add a chase to the equation, we€™re given a fast, cool and symbolic piece of cinema €“ a two wheeled slice of awesome pie. Chase scenes in films often stand out as they provide audiences with a breath-taking spectacle. The most common type of chase, other than that on foot (cue Benny Hill soundtrack), is the car chase. The film and automotive industries essentially developed alongside one another, and in the early 20th Century it was not uncommon for action films to include a police chase of some kind. The advent of Grand Prix racing in the 1920s was captured on film, and the sight of speeding cars racing past hay-bales was often filmed using hand-operated cameras on large, heavy tripods. The next best thing to a car, however, was the motorbike €“ they were easier to acquire than a car, and especially for early production companies, cheaper to buy or hire. Motorbike racing had effectively been around since 1897, so the sight of a speeding motorcycle was appealing to audiences for some time before Hollywood caught on. As time progressed, film production and action choreography became more complex, yet easier to produce, resulting in chases never seen before. I've picked some of my personal favourite motorbike chases and made a list out of them, but feel free to let me know your favourite in the comments section below. But for now, read on to see the 15 best motorbike chases in film€

Honourable Mention

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPIQa6fjjJU What with all the hype about Doctor Who recently, it would be foolish to leave out the Doctor€™s starring role in a motorbike chase. So here as our first example of a cinematic motorbike chase is Paul McGann€™s Eighth Doctor, riding a stolen cop€™s motorcycle in the 1996 film Doctor Who. Enjoy!

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