13 Comic Book Villains That Movies Ruined Worse Than Dr Doom

12. Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

A lot of comic book fans will complain that Electro (Jamie Foxx) doesn't look enough like his comic book component, but ditching the yellow-green costume is really the least of the character's issues here. Where to begin? The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Max Dillon is a cringe-inducingly awkward Spider-Man fanboy whose transformation scene (falling into a tank of electric eels) is one of the most nonsensical in recent comic book movie history. As Electro, his villainous motives are pretty pathetic, getting mad because Spider-Man doesn't remember his name, at which point he becomes Harry Osborn's lap dog, before he's eventually exploded by a huge burst of electricity by Spidey. Given how excited comic book fans were at getting to see one of Spidey's most memorable villains come to the big screen, what a crushing disappointment it was that he was treated like a lame, deranged loon with a bruised ego rather than a believable threat in his own right.

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