13 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Need To Be Turned Into Movies

6. Ashley Freeman And Lauria Bible's Disappearance

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To celebrate her 16th birthday, Ashley Freeman invited her best friend Lauria Bible to sleep over at her mobile home in December 1999 in Oklahoma. It proved to be the last time either of the girls were ever seen.

That night the home burnt to the ground, and Ashley's parents were found dead inside, each with a bullet hole in their heads. The girls were never found.

Creepily, Danny Freeman - Ashley's father - had told his brother that if anything should happen to him, he should look to the Craig County Sheriff's Department. Danny was about to file an unlawful death case against them after his son was shot and killed stealing a truck. Regardless of the reason for the shootings, no trace of the girls has ever been found.

How Would The Movie Look?

A claustrophobic mystery story set in an Oklahoma mobile home is a great place to start for a thriller. Throw in a skilled female director, maybe Homeland’s Lesli Linka Glatter or The Leftovers’ Mimi Leder, and what you have is a film about two adolescent girls that are either horribly complicit in the tragedy or tragically innocent.

If the film chooses to leave the ending as ambiguous as the real life story, in the style of true Peak TV that our proposed directors are known for, then we'd be in for a real treat.

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