13 Hilarious Movie Poster Photoshop Fails You Won't Believe

"Improved" by literally minutes of amateur photo manipulation.

Movie posters are a surprisingly bountiful arena for uncovering the idiocy of the people who work in the movie industry. They€™re occasionally full of mistakes, and sometimes they cynically sell movies on sex that have no right to be, but thanks to the advent of Photoshop, and the God-like power it affords people to change the most beautiful actors in the world as they see fit, we now have an even more plentiful well of stupidity. Photoshop has lead to some major atrocities in posters, whether that's the guy who edited the Hispanic out of Eva Longoria for supernatural romantic dross Over Her Dead Body, or the X-Men First Class debacle that proved no matter how much money your production has, you can still make Magneto and Professor Xavier appear to have giant grumpy-faced genitals...
To the artists involved, we salute you. You had one job, which you were probably paid for, and boy, did you mess it up. To celebrate those idiots and their (very) newly-discovered Photoshop skills, we've put together 13 of the most heinous Photoshop fails that have made their way onto genuine movie posters. Bear in mind these must have been okayed by at least two people, whose families probably deserve your sympathies...

Honourable Mention

How High
Or, alternatively titled "How To Cover Up The Inability To Convincingly Photoshop Textures In The Background Of What Should Have Been A Simple Poster" since whichever art department junior was working on the background decided that the best way to conceal their problem with melding grass textures together to make an authentic grassy hill was to randomly smatter it with odd pasted squares of grass copies from somewhere else entirely. Or at least, that's what you sincerely have to hope is the excuse behind that awful mess, because if it wasn't intentional, that's unforgivably shoddy.
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