13 Hilarious Movie Poster Photoshop Fails You Won't Believe

13. Head, Meet Body, I Don't Believe You've Met - Grudge Match

First off, the poster that inspired this article, for festive boxing release Grudge Match, the comedy that pits Robert DeNiro against Syllvester Stallone in what is billed a clash of the titans, despite the fact that any real bout between Rocky and Jake LaMotta (on which the marketing firmly and unashamedly rests) would result in the former having his over-sized shorts pulled down in spectacularly embarrassing fashion. The obvious problem is the fact that neither of the stars' heads appear to have any kind of relevance to the bodies they're rather awkwardly attached to, given heads and bodies appear to be in entirely different levels of focus. Definitely a triumph of They could have just stuck with one of the alternative fight poster-style one sheets, which for some reason featured both Stallone and DeNiro with quite worryingly (and inaccurately) smooth bodies...
Or the "face-off" style with its probably more authentic body images for Stallone and DeNiro, but whose Photoshop skills failed to make any of the four supporting actors (Kevin Hart, Kim Basinger, Jon Bernthal and Alan Arkin) look like they're actually focusing on the boxing action mere inches in front of them...
Here's a tip for the future, try blending a bit more, or perhaps shooting the headshots you want to badly attach to your posters through eight inches of vaseline to recapture the same texture. And at least try and make your stars look like themselves...
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