13 Hilarious Movie Poster Photoshop Fails You Won't Believe

12. Look At The Size Of Paul Walker's Head!!! - Takers

You should never let the fact that your actors have never posed for you get in the way of making a movie poster featuring them all. And really, who cares what size the heads are that you attach to the bodies of the lesser actors who get to pose (without ever getting the acclaim of their actual faces appearing on the poster of a film noone saw), or in fact how confusingly contradictory the lighting all gets. Most of the mistakes in this poster are trivial in comparison to the glaringly wrong sizes of Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen's heads. You can forgive the fact that the brief case is in completely different perspective to the table in the foreground, or that by the logical perspective suggested by the foreground, Idris Elba, Chris Brown and Michael Ealy's legs must be roughly ten inches long, because your attention is drawn immediately to the fact that Walker has a head about twice the size of Christensen's. You have to wonder why the art department hired a child to fill in for Christensen, before badly sticking his head on, since his tiny hand also makes Walker look like he has full-sized shovels at the end of his arms. Incredibly, this wasn't the first time Walker's melon was given unfair focus by an over-zealous and under-qualified Photoshopper, as the over-sexualised Into The Blue poster made it appear that his head was almost twice as big as Jessica Alba's. But then, perhaps he was part lollipop...? There's also the glaring issue of light, as every single one of the actors appears to be lit by an extreme light source entirely of their own, which has no effect on the others in the poster (Walker from the right, Christensen from the front, T.I. from the left - along with Elba - Ealy from above left, and Chris Brown from directly above the back of his head.)
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