13 Hollywood Stars Who Voiced Favourite Studio Ghibli Characters

You're nobody if you've never gone Ghibli.

Film distributors have never been afraid of loosening the purse strings when it comes to recruiting top talent to bring Studio Ghibli€™s most beloved characters to life for their ever-expanding western audience. Often dubbed the €˜Japanese Disney€™, Ghibli boast a back catalogue and a fan base worthy of rivalling Big Walt€™s empire, and this legendary Japanese institution is continuing to evolve. There were fears recently that the studio could be on the brink of closure after Miyazaki announced that his Jiro Horikoshi biopic The Wind Rises would be his last film, though long time Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki thankfully quashed these rumours and put the minds of die-hard Ghibli fans at ease. According to Suzuki, they are simply changing the way they make their movies in the wake of Miyazaki€™s retirement from film making at the age of 72, and he even hinted that the Godfather of Ghibli may yet return to helm a short feature of some kind, so let€™s not go jumping ship just yet! Even if this is to be the beginning of a new era for Studio Ghibli, that won€™t stop some of biggest voices in Hollywood queuing up to have their name added to the anime history books. From Oscar winners to cult heroes, here are 13 Hollywood stars you never realised voiced your favourite Studio Ghibli characters€

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