13 Most Pretentious Movies Of All Time

Sorry, guys, trying to explain Terrence Malick isn't a substitute for a personality.

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Here's something for you to mull over: movies are just called movies because they're literally just pictures that move. Isn't that a fun fact? Isn't that so very entertaining? It is, right? Much in the same way that movies are meant to be entertaining.

For whatever reason though, some directors don't believe in this whole 'fun' idea. Instead, they believe that movies should confuse and, sometimes, just outright anger the audience.

What's worse is that there's only two types of reaction to these films. The first are the people who don't understand what in the name of holy hell these films were meant to be about and, as a result, feel stupid for not getting it. Because what director doesn't want to belittle their audience's confidence in their intellect? The second category are the people who actually claim that they did understand the film... except they didn't understand it because there was nothing to understand.

Before we begin, let's be clear: there's a distinction between a complex film and a pretentious one. Is There Will Be Blood complex? Damn straight it is. However, that film is actually good and has some merit beneath all the posturing.

What we're talking about here is something different and something way less entertaining...


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