13 Movie Scenes Everyone Misunderstood As Kids

At what age do you work out what "patty cake" in Who Framed Roger Rabbit really is?

who framed roger rabbit
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Ah, the innocence of youth. Go back to any movie that you loved as a kid, whether it's actually aimed at children or not, and you're likely to pick up on more than a few things as an adult that completely soared over your head as a child. It's a testament to both the brilliant, often hilarious naivete of childhood and the cleverness of Hollywood screenwriting that these movies can convey grown-up ideas in ways that won't completely traumatise children, be it sex, drug use, or simply the anguish of life.

These 13 scenes, all no doubt ingrained in the memories of impressionable kids everywhere, will forever more result in epiphanies once these kids get a little older and revisit each film. That "Oh s***!" moment of realisation is an at once mind-blowing, hilarious and occasionally disturbing bout of discovery, one that makes practically everyone both curious and a little bit scared to revisit more classic films from their childhoods.

Needless to say, you'll never view these movies from your youth quiet the same way again, though whether that means for better or for worse remains totally up to you. These realisations either enhanced the experience for viewers or left them wishing to retreat back to the innocence of their childhood.

Here are 13 classic movie scenes (some more classic than others, admittedly) that everyone misunderstood as kids...

13. Phil The "Tired" Guy Is Actually Really Stoned - Wayne's World

phil wayne's world
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It may not be a film marketed strictly at kids, but hey, who didn't grow up watching this stone cold Mike Myers classic?

What Kids See: Wayne (Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) pick up their buddy Phil (Sean Sullivan) at the start of the movie, with Wayne remarking that he's "partied out...again", while Garth gives him a cup to spew into.

He's just really tired from "partying", right? Maybe he drank a little too much soda pop? Yes...soda pop...

The Reality: Phil is, of course, off his face on an unspecified mixture of drink and drugs, as becomes something of a running joke over the course of the film. Props to Myers and co. for not pushing the drug theme at all (despite the movie's material seemingly inviting it), so that parents would still let their kids enjoy the movie without needing to have an awkward conversation with them.


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