13 Movies So Awful You Walked Out Of The Cinema

Sometimes, it's just too much...

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Sometimes, people walk out of good movies for their own issues - like the ones who didn't know The Artist was silent or black and white - and there's really no accounting for them. More troubling are the movies that prompt walk-outs thanks to them being legitimately terrible.

It isn't enough to be bad - or even to be awful - really. In order to make audiences walk out of the cinema (and not in horrified disgust - which is something of a badge of honour for horror film-makers) takes a special blend of things. Your film has to be provocative but also boring, insistent of its own quality or intellect but utterly idiotic and bad despite how much money or talent was somehow conned into its production.

Over the years, there have been some particularly fine examples that managed to capture that deeply unwanted lightning in a bottle. Inspired by genuine reader response on message boards the Internet over, these are some of the worst culprits that made you give up on your popcorn and willingly throw away the astronomical ticket prices before the end credits...

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