13 Movies That Depressingly Predicted The Future

Long live the new flesh.

Videodrome Saw
Universal & Lionsgate

At its best, cinema can be one of the most democratic tools in modern society, not merely to entertain, but to educate, inform and even change minds.

Filmmakers routinely use the medium to paint a picture of the future they envision, and while it frequently proves hugely inaccurate in reality (we still don't have flying cars), sometimes those predictions will land terrifyingly on the money.

The minds behind these movies surely could never have guessed how startlingly well-realised their ideas would become in the months and years that followed, sometimes with an amusing level of accuracy, but more often than not, absolutely terrifying above all else.

It's enough to make one consider what recently-released movies have inadvertently conceived of a reality heading our way in the near-future. Was In Time actually an ingeniously prescient sci-fi thriller after all?

Here are 13 movies that depressingly predicted the future...


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