13 Movies That Should've Ended 5 Minutes Earlier

Less is more.

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An ending can make or break a movie: get it right and audiences come out of the cinema feeling uplifted, enriched or at least rewarded. Get it wrong and it can sink a lot of what came before, undoing prior audience goodwill in favour of a cheap "crowd-pleasing" send-off...or something much, much worse.

Now, these movies are mostly good enough that the endings aren't make-or-break, but each one massively over-extended itself with a conclusion that felt done about five minutes before the credits actually rolled.

Either to appease fans or because casual audiences don't really like more ambiguous endings, these 13 films took things just a little too far, and had they ended a little earlier, they'd be even better than they (mostly) already are. Such is the beauty of home video, of course, that viewers can just turn the movie off at the logical leaping-off point if they so wish (even if that's hardly ideal).

Here are 13 movies that should've ended 5 minutes earlier...

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