13 Movies You Presumed Were Massive Flops (That Really Weren't)

12. Last Action Hero

Columbia Pictures

There were high hopes for John McTiernan's subversive action comedy, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as an action star who ultimately ends up being dragged into the real world. The problem was that, off the back of a sure-fire classic like Terminator 2, audiences weren't really prepared for an Arnie-starring action comedy, and simply expected Austrian Oak to be his usual, bada** self.

Instead, we got self-deprecating humour at the expense of a lot of action. Yet, for all its dubiousness, Last Action Hero is probably the most underrated movie in Schwarzenegger's filmography.

That said, it was a bit of a box office disappointment, grossing "just" $137 million against an $85 million budget. The movie's lower budget than many of the movies truly considered flops these days meant that it wasn't a catastrophic failure, but merely a let-down given the box-office draw Schwarzenegger had been up to that point. The movie has since become a cult classic, and as such you can bet that its home video sales made it profitable in the long run.


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