13 Movies You Presumed Were Massive Flops (That Really Weren't)

11. Total Recall

Columbia Pictures

We're now leaping ahead, somewhat aptly, with a remake of one of Arnie's classic action films, Total Recall. Few people, be they Arnie fans or not, really cared about this movie being made. Though to be fair, many expected it to be a moderate success given its flashy visual effects, popular lead actor and PG-13 rating (the original movie was an R).

Surprising it was, then, that along with a mixed critical response, the movie netted $198 million worldwide, ahead of its $125 million budget. Again, this is hardly something to get giddy about, but it's not an abject disaster either, and even if the movie had a colossal marketing budget of $50 million or more (which given the lack of posters we saw around release time, I'm doubting), it would still have made over $20 million of pure profit, before even factoring in other distribution methods.

Opposers of remakes love to use it as an argument against them, but really, it could have flopped much harder than this.


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