13 Movies You Really Wanted To Hate (But Actually Couldn’t)

"That'll never work!"

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Movie fans are some of the most passionate people on the planet. If they love a particular series or character they’ll go the extra mile, collecting all the movies on Blu-ray, buying the various spin-off media - animated movies, novelizations etc - and keep an eye out for rumours of future entries.

The flip side to fandom is that when they sense an upcoming movie will suck, they won’t be shy expressing their opinion. It’s easy to be cynical about movies now, since studios regularly churn out filler just to meet a gap in their schedule. Movies like Monster Trucks and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 clearly aren’t made because the filmmakers have a burning need to tell a story, so there are plenty of movies that look rubbish from the start.

It could be because they have a silly premise or there are stories of a troubled shoot, but the movies on this list defied expectations by overcoming bad trailers or weak buzz, and being pretty good.

It’s a minor miracle when this happens, and here are a few movies that pulled it off...


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