13 Silly Mistakes You Won't Believe Made It Into Star Trek Movies

We may love the Star Trek movies but there are more than a few mistakes.

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With thirteen movies released at the time of writing, the Star Trek film franchise has been entertaining audiences since 1979. Star Trek: The Motion Picture blasted onto screens and though the action was lacking, a new era of cinematic Starfleet adventures began. The Wrath of Khan then blew us all away, Genesis torpedo aside. The Kirk-era, TNG-era and Kelvin films were all full of exciting and memorable moments.

Each of the films has little mistakes here and there, be they gaffs on-screen or slip-ups in character logic. In a surprising amount of the films, crew are visible from one shot to another, while re-used footage sometimes sticks out like a sore thumb. Why yes Star Trek: Generations, that is YOU being referred to there. Twas a fine Klingon Bird-of-Prey explosion...now where did we see that before?

These examples vary from forgivable and humble to downright insulting. Little continuity fluffs certainly aren't the worst of the bunch but when it comes to something like getting the REGISTRY NUMBER of the Enterprise wrong? Oof. Be that as it may, nothing is perfect so let's live and let live, while we laugh at these mistakes.

13. Magically Repairing Console

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Part of the main drive of the second half of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the fallout from the death of Lt. Ilia. While she may simply have been ‘assimilated’ by V’ger, the fact is a living, breathing member of the crew is taken away. This is preceded and perhaps caused by Spock’s actions to save the ship. Honestly, does this man ever tire of saving the Enterprise?

While the probe moves through the bridge, Chekov is burned quite badly, displaying its perceived destructive intent. So, when it approaches the science console and begins rapidly scanning through the entire library of the ship, there is no indication that it will do so peacefully, nor use the information it gathers for nefarious reasons. Spock jumps in and smashes the console with his hand, breaking it apart and severing the connection.

V’ger is less than pleased and begins shocking the Vulcan badly. However, had it waited a moment and turned back to the science station, it would have seen a magically healed console. The damage that Spock visited on it is gone in the next moment. Obviously, this is an error in continuity. Or, the Enterprise healed herself because of course she did. It’s up to the Final Frontier’s God to make the call.


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