Bond 25: 13 Things We Want To See

Because nobody needs a three-hour Bond film...

Spectre has started hitting screens around the world, and the secret is out: it's a good Bond film but not exactly a great one. If you haven't already checked out our look at the film's most WTF moments, be sure to do that, and as we soak in the fallout of the film, it's time to consider what we want to see for the next movie, presumably coming our way in 2018. Whether it's an improvement over a major creative mistake Spectre made, simply a fanboy wish or a desire to see the series pulled in a different direction, these thirteen things would hopefully ensure the film ends up as one of Craig's better outings in the role, all the more important because it will most likely be his final innings suiting up as the legendary spy. If the filmmakers want to give Craig a potent swansong, then they need to avoid the pitfalls from his previous movies while taking the franchise to ambitious new places in some regards. We'll probably see the movie in the next four or so years, but for now it's time for speculation. Bearing in mind that MAJOR SPOILERS will follow, here are 13 things we want to see in Bond 25...

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