13 Upcoming Comic Book Movies That Could Beat Batman V Superman

12. The Wolverine 3

There's one thing that especially makes us excited for Hugh Jackman's final run as the character he made his own: an R-rating. That's right, the third Wolverine film won't only give Jackman a (hopefully) triumphant send-off as Logan, and isn't just adapted from the beloved Old Man Logan comic arc, but also has the benefit of fans getting to see him tear enemies apart with...actual blood. That's not to say that an R-rating guarantees a good film, but it at least suggests that the tone will be altered in significant ways to give us Wolverine at his most brutal and blood-thirsty. Granted, it was recently confirmed that an R-rated version of Batman v Superman is being prepared for the Blu-ray, but considering that the movie was written as a PG-13, it will likely just be a few added splashes of blood and maybe some profanity here and there (after all, The Avengers was almost rated-R until Coulson's death was toned down). Again, it's the idea of a known quantity vs. an unknown one: we all love Jackman as the character, and while BvS could go either way, Jackman will likely carry the film even if it stumbles here and there narratively (as both previous solo Wolverine films did).

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