13 Upcoming Movies Destined To Be Box Office Bombs

Proving that a huge pile of money doesn't trump imagination and fresh ideas.

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Movies are, by their nature, something of a gamble. Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Transformers movies and so on are about as close to financial sure-things as you can get, but 97% of movies aren't quite so lucky, and greenlighting a film is so often a roll of the dice regardless of the talent in front of and behind the camera.

That said, some movies' financial failure can be telegraphed so far in advance that one has to wonder what the fiananciers, executives and filmmakers were thinking when they gave it the go-ahead.

Be it due to overwhelming competition, poor marketing or the sheer lack of audience desire for a pointless sequel, these 13 movies seem destined to flop with audiences, again proving that a huge pile of money doesn't trump imagination and fresh ideas.

Here are 13 upcoming movies destined to be box office bombs...

13. Inferno

king arthur legend of the sword
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Release Date: October 28

The Dan Brown craze came and went almost a decade ago, what with the flash-in-the-pan success of 2006's The Da Vinci Code, and the disappointing box office haul of its 2009 follow-up, Angels and Demons, pulling in $270 million less than the first film's $758.2 million final gross.

It's hard to believe that a belated sequel will score the series a sudden uptick in box office fortunes regardless of its quality, and with just a few weeks remaining until release, it's odd how low-key the marketing has been.

As if all that wasn't enough, reviews for the 2013 source material are incredibly mixed, and so even the undeniable appeal of Tom Hanks may not be enough to make this five-years-too-late sequel a hit.

Estimated Box Office: $290 million (on an approximate $150 million budget).


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