13 Upcoming Movies Destined To Be Box Office Bombs

13. The Predator

The Predator

Release Date: September 14

Budget: $75 million (estimated)

Shane Black's Predator sequel-reboot sure is struggling to pick up much traction with casual fans and franchise devotees alike, with a set of mediocre trailers suggesting a weirdly generic, tonally jarring attempt to re-tool the series in a blockbuster mould.

Online buzz is depressingly low for the film, which has also suffered through some unfortunate plot leaks and hand-wringing over its suspiciously brief 101-minute run-time. With roughly a month until it hits cinemas, this one would need effusively positive reviews following its TIFF premiere to stand a chance of even doubling its budget.

Though it'll probably scarcely top the $127.2 million box office of 2010's Predators, that movie cost a sensibly scant $40 million. Meanwhile, Fox has reportedly entrusted Shane Black with a far larger budget with the hope of rejuvenating the flagging franchise.

Estimated Box Office: $130 million


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