13 Upcoming Movies Destined To Be Box Office Bombs

Dud confirmed.

Robin Hood 2018
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Hollywood is a business first and foremost, of course, but ultimately it comes down to executives making semi-random gambles on the general public's appetite for a given type of movie.

To that end, an enormously complex array of factors can dictate whether a blockbuster film craters at the box office or joins the billion-dollar club. A movie's quality only counts for so much, with marketing, release dates and casting all heavily governing how audiences engage with a particular release.

As such, these 13 films are facing the toughest uphill struggles at the box office over the next year, from poorly marketed sequels to grotesquely over-budgeted reboots and movies that, simply, nobody ever actually asked for.

2018 is an especially interesting year for the box office because December will stage one of the most competitive periods in blockbuster movie history, with an unprecedented number of tentpole films battling it out for your hard-earned cash. Naturally only so many can survive, and several, regardless of their quality, are certified duds already.

As ultimate proof that movie execs aren't any smarter than the rest of us, these films are virtually guaranteed to flame out at the box office and leave any franchise potential in complete ruin...


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