13 Women Who Were Furious Before Furiosa

Girl power indeed.

In a civilisation where water and gasoline are scarce commodities, Mad Max: Fury Road is a film where you understand what it is to have survival as your main priority in life. The primary goal of every character is simply to not die, and George Miller has miraculously incorporated this theory into the female warriors of the film, making it a somewhat feminist movement. Tom Hardy's Max sees women as equal and, considering that they all have the same goals, he is happy for the women to be branded the heroes at the end. Throughout the film, men and women fight for and against each other and, despite it being the Mad Max franchise, it does essentially revolve around Furiosa and her mission to save the five brides from Immortan Joe. Fury Road has received outstanding reviews for George Miller making women the focus of the film, and Theron's Furiosa is so badass. You're certain that if there were teams, you'd want her to be on yours. However, this isn't the first time we've seen a strong, female protagonist, and there are plenty of movies and books out there that have a Furiosa-esque female lead. Of course, they're furious in the sense that they value themselves, their knowledge and their strength in order to lead alongside a man. Women have always been badass, but it's good to see Miller nodding at women's rights in such an action packed and explosive way. Watch out Ryan Gosling, because you know that Tom Hardy is going to be made into a feminist meme, and what a pleasure that is to see. Here are a few women that you might have forgotten about who would make Furiosa proud.

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