13 Worst Decisions Hollywood Has Made In 2017 (So Far)

The most embarrassing Oscar gaffe ever?

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Hollywood is a fascinating beast, an industry that essentially revolves around people taking $200 million gambles on what they think an audience wants. As such, it's safe to say that for every billion-dollar, Avengers-sized success, the film industry is littered with countless horrendously ill-advised business decisions, be they admirably daring in their failure or just eye-rollingly cynical.

Sometimes it's just a case of bad timing, and maybe the money's just too damn good to turn down, but with Hollywood being in something of a transitional period right now with the advent of VOD streaming en masse, it's clear that things are getting just a little weirder and more desperate than usual.

From directors quitting or being fired from highly anticipated projects to terrible casting decisions and a certain awards disaster involving a certain envelope, Hollywood's elite have done plenty to embarrass themselves over the last six months. Here's to the next six...

13. Netflix Signs Another Four-Film Deal With Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Sandy Wexler

Though Adam Sandler has just one movie left to release from his original four-picture deal with Netflix, back in March the streaming giant announced that they signed another four-film contract with the comedian, ensuring he'll be bringing more dire dreck to streaming services for a few more years.

While Netflix has stated on numerous occasions that Sandler's Netflix Originals almost always hit the worldwide #1 spot after release, it's still a shame that they're bankrolling Sandler's woefully low-effort output as of late rather than signing such deals with actors and filmmakers who actually give a damn about quality.

Where's the four-movie deal for Nicolas Winding Refn? Why not team with Jordan Peele on his next set of films? Instead Netlix is taking the cynical cash-grab route, and frankly it's not a good look, not at all.


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