13 Worst Decisions Hollywood Has Made In 2017 (So Far)

12. Ben Affleck Won't Direct The Batman

Ben Affleck
Warner Bros.

At the beginning of the year, Ben Affleck confirmed that he wouldn't be directing the solo Batman movie, simply titled The Batman, with Apes director Matt Reeves instead stepping in.

Though rumours originally swirled about Affleck's lack of faith in the DCEU, it in fact turned out that he stepped down in order to deal with substance abuse issues, and didn't feel he could juggle both actorly and directorial responsibilities.

As great as it is to see Affleck working on himself, and he's certainly found an excellent replacement in Reeves, fans were so excited to see an actor-director of Affleck's caliber having total control over the Batman character.

While Reeves will reportedly be his filmmaking partner on the project, it's surely still going to differ at least a little from Affleck's own singular vision, which is what sold so many people on the film in the first place, considering his directing successes to date.

There's not really anyone to blame here, just unfortunate timing.


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