13 Worst Movie Performances Of 2018

Oh, Bruce.

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As jam-packed with terrific performance as 2018 has been, what would those killer turns be without these absolute stinkers, these undeniable duds for comparison?

For every Oscar hopeful there are many Razzie-courting trainwreck performances, and these 13 attempts at acting are without question the most inept, misguided and low-effort performances of the last 12 months.

Whether obnoxiously annoying, hilariously amateur or even legitimately depressing cases of fine actors sacrificing their dignity for easy cash, these wretched performances just might taint your opinion of the actors in question for a good while.

On the other hand, a few of them have always sucked, so their worst performance this year is just the latest in a long line of atrocious acting work.

These movies can't in good conscience be recommended, but if you're eager to check out what horrible acting truly looks like, they're all fine lessons in exactly what not to do on a movie set...

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