13 Worst Performances In Otherwise Awesome Blockbusters

12. Almost Every Single Cop Extra - The Dark Knight

Storm Halle Berry
Warner Bros.

The Movie: Christoper Nolan's masterful comic book thrill-ride reinvented what a superhero movie could be while delivering arguably the definitive rendition of The Joker with Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance. Outstanding in almost every way. Almost.

The Performance: For some reason Nolan has always written incidental cop characters as incredibly goofy in all three of his Batman movies, and this is most apparent in the middle chapter, where all the bit-part cops are given awful dialogue and compliment this with even worse line readings.

Some of the worst offenders include zingers like "Things. Are. Worse. Than. Ever." and "No more dead cops!" at Harvey Dent's press conference, and that ultra-irritating SWAT guy who says nonsense like "Is that a bazooka?", "OK that's not good!" and "I didn't sign up for this" (he blatantly did).

As lines of dialogue and as performances carried out by human beings with apparently functioning brain stems, they are immensely cringe-worthy moments in an otherwise remarkable movie.


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