14 Actors Almost Cast In The MCU (And Who They Could Still Play)

14. Patrick Wilson

Marvel Entertainment/FilmDistrict

Who he almost played: Wilson dropped out of appearing in Ant-Man and while it looked like he had been initially cast as a young Hank Pym, it seems that the role was of Paxton, a member of Scott Lang’s thieving crew.

Who he could still play: Wilson is known for doing darker stuff and he hasn’t shied away from playing villains before. With his look and pedigree, he should be the exact type of actor Marvel looks at for Norman Osborn a.k.a. the Green Goblin.

It would be nice to see Spider-Man face some new threats, but it seems almost a given that the Goblin, or at least Osborn, will have some presence in the new film reboot, and they’ll need someone like Wilson to bring him to life in a new, terrifying way.


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