14 Best Fictional Movie Presidents

Are these fictional film Presidents more believable than the Trump election victory?

donald trump home alone 2
20th Century Fox

Remember Donald Trump?

He's that guy from the American Apprentice, who had a few cameos in Zoolander and Home Alone 2. Well, and here's some breaking news for those of you who've been in a coma for the past 18 months:

Trump has just landed his biggest role yet. As America's next Head of State. Yes, the reality TV star will soon become the reality US President.

We'll understand if you'd like to slip back into that coma.

Truth has, it would appear, trumped fiction when it comes to unlikely plotlines. And yes, I really did just use the Trump pun.

So, while the world comes to terms with this against-all-odds ascension from the Billionaire man of the people, it's worth looking to Hollywood for a sense of what might lie ahead for the new President-elect. Because, if films have taught us anything, it's that Presidents need to be ready for the next alien, meteor, nuclear or environmental event that will inevitably arise.

Frankly, after recent events, there is little left that would cause a surprise.


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