14 Castings For New Movies That Prove Hollywood Has Gone Insane

Ryan Reynolds a Pickachu and Will Smith as the genie? WTF

Ryan Reynolds Pikachu

There's little point not expecting Hollywood to be a LITTLE crazy. After all, this is a world where a second Boss Baby is coming out. For real. And you can sort of see why they aim for the weirdest reaches of the stars: when movies like The LEGO Movie turn out to be that successful, you'd be throwing some curve balls as well.

But that doesn't make it any less shocking when actors you've come to expect to get certain roles - or types of roles - end up being attached to projects they simply don't look suited to. Whether through a combination of looks, suitability or mimatches in the quality of the source, they end up looking like square pegs in round holes.

Or in the case of some of the more... colourful movies that are coming out, square pegs in crazy holes.

It's clear looking at the slate of movies coming in the next couple of years that Hollywood still loves a stunt casting and hiring actors for the most unlikely roles in the hope of catching that unexpected magic in a bottle. Because there's nothing more worthy of note than something that shouldn't work actually coming off, and despite how odd some of these castings might initially look, they could lead to great things...


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