14 Deeply Irresponsible Messages You Didn't Notice In Love Actually

14. If Anything, Swearing At The Prime Minister Will Make Him Give You Sex

Piss It Gif Warning: Swearing at the prime minister will not make him fall in love with you. There are probably whole squadrons of the secret service in Downing Street whose only job is to enforce good manners.

13. When You Suspect Your Husband Is Cheating, Send Him Away Alone

Rickman For all we know, Alan Rickman's character in Love Actually is a spy, since his actual job is never really explored in a satisfactory way. He is clearly an editor or something, probably of a magazine, or a website given how attractive all of his staff are. But we do know he's a bit of a cheater (or at least that he has bad intentions, since it's never confirmed if he did sex up his employee,) so the fact that his wife, the incredible Emma Thompson (who for some reason tolerates a man who would buy her a CD for Christmas, despite a clearly lofty job,) lets him disappear over New Year with no precedent seems a little too casual. If he was willing to buy a necklace for his would-be mistress in the few minutes his wife nipped off for the toilet, imagine the skull-duggery possible when alone on a €œbusiness trip.€

12. People Who Look Like This...


...Will Have To Fight GorgeousWomen Off Thanks To Their British Accent

Nope. It's a lie that all English accents are instant turn-ons to Americans €“ just ask Cheryl Cole €“ who was ostracised for not sounding like the Queen, despite being about as sexy as is legally possible.

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