14 Directors Who Desperately Need A Hit Movie

These directors need to escape movie jail.

Elysium Neill Blomkamp Matt Damon

Filmmaking is a fickle business in every sense of the word: one minute an artist can be on top of the world and collecting more Oscars than they can carry, and before you know it, they'll end up directing straight-to-VOD movies that nobody really gives a damn about.

Unfortunately, Hollywood is one industry where the cream doesn't always rise to the top: Michael Bay can make a Transformers movie print a billion dollars with a click of his fingers, while considerably more talented artists struggle for their visions to be heard, and end up in "movie jail" when a box office bomb comes their way.

Whether these directors were buried by a couple of financial disappointments or poor notices from critics (or heaven forbid, both), they're all in desperate need of another hit movie to get their careers back on track and make audiences at large care about them again.

From young filmmakers who still have decades left to prove themselves, to legendary directors who don't seem to care much anymore, these 14 artists need that one, attention-grabbing success to bail them out of movie jail...


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