14 Dumbest Things In The Worst Summer Movie Season Ever

Everything is terrible.

Prometheus Noomi Rapace

2017's summer of movies once again proved that blockbuster filmmaking is a magnet for poor creative decisions, counter-intuitive to the idea of making money or, indeed, good art.

For every entertaining tentpole released this past summer, there were several braindead movies that made mind-bogglingly, head-smackingly bad choices, resulting in infamous scenes that won't be forgotten anytime soon...for the wrong reasons.

From plot points so offensive you'll scarcely believe they really happened, to embarrassing attempts to build franchises, atrocious performances and generally terrible production decisions, these asinine moments define Hollywood excess and complacency at their absolute worst.

There's always hope that Hollywood can learn from its mistakes and try harder next year, but let's be honest, is that really likely? As long as audiences are happy to gobble up all this brain-scrambling drivel, there's going to be movie studios able to get away with it.

Strap in for the most infuriating, misguided and straight-up stupid things from 2017's summer movie season...


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