14 Epic Movie Drinking Games You Must Play Before You Die

Jaeger Bombs!

Pacific Rim Jagermeister
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From amazing movies to terrible ones, a drinking game is a guaranteed way to make just about any viewing experience more enjoyable...if also possibly less coherent and ultimately a lot messier.

One of the many joys of the Internet is in our collective ability to share our own experiences, and what could be more noble than passing on the knowledge of a damn good time? All you need is a movie, some booze and some pals for a hilarious night in.

These games range from easy, to challenging, to straight-up impossible, spanning the gamut of some fantastic recent blockbuster movies to, well, arguably one of the worst ever produced.

Whether you follow these rules to the letter or modify them for your own demented pleasure, they're sure to result in some "interesting" screening parties to say the least.

And of course, drink responsibly...or something.

Here are 14 epic movie drinking games you must play before you die...

14. The Avengers - Pick A Character

Pacific Rim Jagermeister
Marvel Studios

The Game: Find five friends, and each of you picks one of the six Avengers' names out of a hat. You then have to drink every time your corresponding superhero is on screen.

Recommended Alcohol: Anything above beer is just asking for a trip to the hospital, so best stick to something light and easy to drink, but have everyone pick a beer matching the colour of their superhero.

Difficulty Level: Whoever gets Hawkeye will fare just fine, but if you're lucky/unlucky enough to get Iron Man, Cap or Black Widow in particular, you're gonna be pretty steamed. It's down to player discretion whether they keep continuously drinking every second their hero is on screen or just one gulp per shot of the film, but either way, it's harsh. Savour those moments of brief respite. 8/10

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