14 Epic Movie Drinking Games You Must Play Before You Die

13. Pacific Rim - Jaeger Bombs

Pacific Rim Jagermeister
Warner Bros.

The Game: For safety reasons, this one's a team game, with 3-5 players recommended. Every time the word "Jaeger" is said, take a shot of Jagermeister.

Recommended Alcohol: Jager, obviously, and in the interest of not having a heart attack, you should probably drink them neat rather than make actual Jagerbombs.

Difficulty Level: "Jaeger" is said 40 times throughout the film, which is more Jagermeister than any human being can physically withstand inside of 131 minutes. Split between three players, though, you're going to feel pretty drunk, but at least your stomach won't be full of beer.

Five players lightens the load even more, but you're still having the equivalent of about 4 beers in 2 hours. 8/10 (3 players), 4/10 (5 players)

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