14 HUGE MCU Announcements From Disney's D23 Expo

Kit Harington's role, Black Panther 2, a Marvel Zombies tease and more...

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Even though Marvel's presence at Comic Con proved to be a major source of news and big updates for the future of the MCU, Disney have doubled down a mere matter of weeks later with another strong showing at their sometimes regular D23 Expo.

Those lucky enough to be in attendance have seen huge new revelations: new shows, new movies, new characters and surprising returns and we now have a clearer picture than ever of what we can expect for the next couple of years. Even with that Spider-Man question mark hanging over everything, it's been a huge weekend for Marvel fans.

Here's everything we've learned about the MCU over the D23 event...

14. Black Panther II Has A Release Date

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We all knew it was coming, but now Black Panther 2 has a release date thanks to D23. As part of the Disney movies panel, Ryan Coogler joined Kevin Feige on stage to reveal that the inevitable sequel will be hitting cinemas on May 6th 2022.

At the minute, there's no confirmation that it's part of Phase 4 or whether it will be the start of Phase 5, but the timing seems to suggest that it could be the former.

After Comic Con, it seemed that Phase 4 was fully mapped out, but the addition of 3 new Disney+ shows might mean that the length of Phase 4 has been extended to include them, which could bring Black Panther's May 2022 release within the window. You have to wonder why they'd reveal the release date now when Kevin Feige was so vague about the other projects Marvel were working on at Comic Con. There, he mentioned some projects we knew were coming, but refused to offer concrete information - for him to change now and offer a release date might suggest Black Panther 2 has moved up slightly.

For now, there's little to update in terms of the film's specifics - they refused to reveal the title, which suggests it won't simply be Black Panther 2, and ruled out revealing the villain too. Let's all just get over-excited and claim it's Namor after the Endgame tease.

Are you excited for Black Panther 2? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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